Proteolytic Processing of Coronavirus Fusion Proteins

Many viruses come out from the host cell as complete but inactive particles. A common mechanism to activate the virus is to cut the protein spikes on the particle surface with a proteolytic enzyme like trypsin. This happens for example … Continue reading

CD Spectroscope Called Celine Dion

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time with one of my favorite research instruments – Circular Dichroism Spectroscope, or CD Spectroscope. It shoots a beam of circularly polarized light to your sample and you measures the difference in the … Continue reading

Vortex Monster

The spring is slowly approaching and everybody’s thinking how to make Vortex Monsters. With this simple tutorial, you can make yours. All you need is a standard laboratory instrument called Vortex, a pencil and a piece of paper. 1. Take … Continue reading

Portrait of a Curious Robot

Christmas and New Years is the time to get sentimental and think about the origin of the universe and all that. So did the robot after getting over the saddnes, anger and confusion. With all the weird, extreme new emotions … Continue reading

Pavel the Poliovirus falls in love

Many science meetings covers very narrow fields which are difficult to understand for more than 500 people in the world. More general meetings instead bring together significant breakthroughs from broader spectrum of fields. This was the case at the Nov2k meeting held at … Continue reading