CD Spectroscope Called Celine Dion

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time with one of my favorite research instruments – Circular Dichroism Spectroscope, or CD Spectroscope. It shoots a beam of circularly polarized light to your sample and you measures the difference in the absorption of left and right handed polarized light. In the end you get information of the structural state of the molecule. It’s very handy if you want, for example to compare the structures of two proteins or follow the unfolding of a protein. Here’s the instrument itself. This one is built by Applied Photophysics and easily the best CD spectroscope I’ve used so far.

KimmoR_CD_SpectrsocopeI’ve spent a lot of time with the machine lately. There wasn’t much others working in that lab and we started joking about me spending so much time with “her” downstairs. Just the two of us. We had to name her of course  and my colleague suggested Celine Dion. Happens that at the same time I’m doodling this thing on my lab bench on my incubation breaks. I’m not really happy with the facial expression but it was fun to make. It was perhaps better without the red dress. Not sure.

Now I have the problem that I’m getting attached to my lab bench cover. And she is getting dirty. Just spilled some growth medium on her dress. I don’t know what to do.

kimmor_celineGotta add that this has nothing to do with the artist Celine Dion (not a fan). Totally unrelated person.



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